I started Pixel 19 Vintage Clothing LLC in 1992 at the age of 19 years old. I can remember being in Kindergarten and thinking I wasn’t like all the other kids in my class. Instead of paying attention in class, I’d draw pictures of massive dragons and space age creatures and flying saucers. My interest in unusual and unique things spawning from my boredom in class, I created my own worlds. At the age of 9 I would ask neighbors to sell me their old stuff. Apparently, I would take these things to other neighbors and go door to door selling.

By 13, I shopped at thrift stores and flea markets by myself. And, as I grew older I expanded by hunting territories. By 19, I had created Pixel 19 Vintage. I traveled extensively, gathering Vintage and Retro Everything from around the United States. To this day, I work 100 hours a week 7 days and nights a week. I live and breathe vintage and retro everything.

I genuinely appreciate you and your business. I look forward to serving you.

Respectfully, Stu Vintage King Nizny

Pixel 19 in Publications:

STIFF UPPER lip — Fashion Publication